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A great deal of the work that goes on behind the scenes of the soccer program is done by volunteers. And those volunteers are, by and large, UAGS parents. There are lots of ways to get involved with the program and lots to do, so we encourage and appreciate your participation.

Here are some of the ways you can pitch in:


Season Opportunities

Fundraising Committee
This committee oversees the team’s major annual fundraiser, which is typically a pre-season product sale, as well as ongoing fundraisers like dine-out nights and other opportunities that arise from time to time.

Chair: Beth McCormick


Hospitality Committee
The hospitality committee is in charge of organizing a number of program events before, during and after the season. These events include the incoming freshman meeting, spring team meeting, Meet The Team Night, team bonding events, middle school night, senior night, and the postseason banquet.

Chair: Carolyn Barger and Carrie Derr


Program Committee

This committee is responsible for the creation, production, and distribution of the annual UAGS program.


Chair: Lane Degenhart


Sponsorship Committee
The sponsorship committee helps the program build relationships with the local business community through sponsorships, marketing, and advertising opportunities.

Co-Chairs: Amy Mumaw, Robin Brown, Erica Christie 



Merchandise Committee
Items like uniforms, spirit wear, yard signs, car decals, and other items are managed by the merchandise committee.

Chair: Eileen Schilling


Communications Committee
The communications committee oversees the UAGS website and assists with team communications.


Chair: Marc Lewis


Gameday Committee
Making sure there are plenty of volunteers available for the gameday assignments listed below is the job of the gameday committee.


Chair: Erica Probst


If you’re interested in serving on a committee, please contact the board president or the chair of the committee you’re interested in joining.

Gameday Opportunities

Concessions Opener
The person in this season-long position is responsible for supervising the opening of the concession stand for every JVA and Varsity home game and helping the other concession volunteers get set up and ready.

Concessions Grill Master
The grill master is responsible for grilling hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers during JVA and Varsity home games. You’ll need to be at the concession stand 15 minutes prior to game time.


Concessions Cashier
The cashier is responsible for helping customers and handling sales at the concession stand. You can choose a shift during either the JVA or Varsity game.


Concessions Closer
This is a season-long volunteer is responsible for closing down the concession stand after each home game and making the deposit to the bank.


Game Filming
Game film volunteers are responsible for recording JVB, JVA, or Varsity games from the press box. All equipment, including an iPad and tripod, is provided and operating instructions are included. Volunteers may need to make arrangements to pick up or drop off the equipment before or after games.


These volunteers take photos from the sidelines at JVB, JVA, and Varsity games and upload them to the team SmugMug page.

This is a season-long responsibility for Varsity games only. You will record stats on an iPad provided for each game.

Parent volunteers are also responsible for operating the scoreboard and game clock during home games at the stadium. If you’re taking this assignment, please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the game.

The announcer is responsible for pre-game ceremonies, player introductions, and highlighting game action during home games at the stadium. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game you’ll be announcing.

Roster Sheets
The person in this season-long position is responsible for requesting and verifying JVA and Varsity rosters with the competing teams’ athletic directors and delivering roster sheets to the ticket office prior to each home game.

Ball Girls
Six players from the JVA and/or JVB teams are needed to assist as ball girls at all varsity home games. Participating players will receive a free dinner from the concession stand for volunteering.

Varsity Football Concessions
UAGS can earn fundraising dollars when players and parents volunteer for concession stand shifts at home football games. Contact the gameday committee chair for more information.


If you have any questions about gameday assignments or responsibilities, please contact the gameday committee chair. Your gameday captain will share final instructions with you at the game.


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